Switching to New Cat Litter is Easy

Cat sniffing new litterIf you want to try a new cat litter, switching to it might be a tiny problem. Cats usually don’t like things changing and some cat litter types might be uncomfortable for your cat.

In example, pine pellet litter is avoided by many cats because of the strong odor it creates, but some cats might dislike silica litter because of crunchy sound it creates when they step on it.

However, don’t give up if you tried a new type of litter, but your cat said no. Chances are high your cat will get used to it, if you introduce the new litter gradually.

Switch the cat litter gradually

What does it mean, gradually? It means, you do not fill the whole box with the new litter. Pour in the old one, and add just a tiny amount of the new one. It will help your cat to get used to smell and sense of it.

After some time (probably two or three days), if everything goes well, try to add some more new litter. And so on. Step by step increase the amount of new litter and decrease the amount of old litter.

If, at some point, your cat feels annoyed with changes, move back to previous safe amount of new litter and wait some more. Sometimes you might need to move back more further because cat may start develop the dislike about the new litter type.

But after some time, if you do it patiently, you might come to the point where only new litter type is poured into the litter box. Congratulations, it’s a success!

However, some cat’s might never get used to a specific type of litter. If gradually switching cat litter does not lead you anywhere, you could try another brand, another type or just cope with the existing litter.

Photo by upturnedface.