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Kitten looking at colorful flowers

Should you buy a color TV for your cat?

Cat owners who plan to buy a TV for their beloved pets might be interested in how cats view this world, more specifically, if they see color. In this article, you are going to learn that cats are quite capable of recognizing different colors. In one way, their color recognition is even superior to ours.
Silhouette of woman and a female dog

Abnormal heat cycles in female dogs

We all love to plan ahead and trust that everything is predictable. Mother Nature likes that too; however, she's not always able to deliver. While most dogs go into heat twice a year and stay in heat for 21 days, abnormalities do occur. This article gives a brief summary about possible abnormalities in the heat cycle of female dogs.
A cat eating raw diet - the best way to avoid litter box odor

Does your senior cat need a special diet?

Do you need to feed a specific diet to your senior cat? What do you think? Did your grandparents change their diet upon retirement? They might eat less to avoid some unhealthy foods, often because their doctor told them, but mainly, they do not shop at specialized senior grocery stores, nor do they buy meat or milk for oldies.
A cartoon cat feeling guilty about breaking a vase

Do cats feel guilty about what they do?

Let’s say, a sausage disappeared from your table and you suspect that your cat is to be blamed. You look him up, and, after “exchanging” a few words, you are convinced. The cat has that guilty look. And it isn’t the first time. But what if we told you that cats don’t feel guilt or shame?
Lazy cat not playing

11 tips to get a lazy cat to play

Playing with your cat provides numerous benefits. Unfortunately, not all cats are equally enthusiastic about playing. Some cats love to follow toys with their gaze but never jump on them. Some do play, but only on Tuesdays, while others do not really seem to care at all. In this article, you will learn how to get a lazy cat to play with toys.
cat observing a piglet

Can you feed pork to your cat?

Among all the meats that are fed raw to dogs and cats, pork has received the most undeserved bad reputation. Our veterinarian colleague shared with us that her clients are afraid to give pork to their pets because they all have heard something from somewhere about pork being bad. But what is the truth? Can you give pork to your cat? Is raw pork dangerous to pets? And if you feed it, are there things to keep an eye on?
Aggressive intact male cat

Will spaying or neutering reduce your cat’s aggression?

Will spaying or neutering stop your cat’s aggression? In veterinary practice, it is common to suggest neutering toms whenever they show any kind of aggression. This is probably because neutering a cat is a reasonable thing to do, regardless of how aggressive the cat is.
A cat using his leg whiskers to catch a toy mouse

Why cats have whiskers on their forelegs

Did you know cats have “whiskers” on the backs of their front legs? Take a look at your cat’s forearms, and you’ll notice a few small tactile hairs growing on them. But what are they for? Why do cats need whiskers on their legs?
Car coolant level sign

Less than a tablespoon of antifreeze can kill a cat or...

Antifreeze poisoning is one of the most common poisonings for both cats and dogs. Antifreeze's relatively pleasant taste (please don’t try this at home) and the extremely small dose needed to be toxic accounts for its frequent occurrence. Ethylene glycol, antifreeze’s main component, is lethal to both cats and dogs.
dog barking

Why dogs bark: Top causes of excessive barking in dogs

Is your dog constantly barking? We know that yes, dogs do bark. Some bark louder, and some have a more persistent yap. After all, barking for dogs is almost like talking for us. But what if your dog barks too much—so much so that it becomes intrusive? Maybe you don’t get enough sleep for yourself because of it? Or worse, maybe your neighbors aren't getting enough sleep!

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