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dog licking face after eating litter box snacks

How to keep your dog out of cat’s litter box

Is your dog eating 'treats' from your cat’s litter box? In this article, you will learn how to keep dogs out of cat litter boxes and why they eat cat feces right out of the tray. Dogs are attracted to litter box contents for several reasons. They are naturally predisposed to keep their home area clean, even if it means eating their own feces or the feces of their compadres.
cat eating cucumber treat during trianing

What treats to use in cat training

The largest motivation in animal training, no doubt, is food. Food rewards have achieved seemingly impossible results—teaching pigeons to play table tennis, crows to pick locks using tools, and cats to come when called. In this article, you are going to learn about the best treats to use for cat training and several tips to make it more successful.
domestic cat on an ancient background

When and why were cats domesticated

Of all the domesticated animals, both farm and companion, cats are the ones who have changed the least. But this isn’t a coincidence. The fact that cats are so well adapted to a natural lifestyle and are so close to their wild cousins has a lot to do with when, where and why cats were domesticated.
an outdoor cat

Seven tips for outdoor cat owners

Regardless of the reasons why you have decided that, instead of staying safely indoors, your cat will be allowed to roam outside, you might still be concerned about his or her wellbeing, health and safety. In this article you will learn eight things to keep in mind when letting a cat outside.
Veterinarian weighing a cat during chekups

Six reasons to take a healthy cat on veterinarian visits

Do you take your cat to the veterinarian for well visits? Closely watching for changes in appetite or behavior is wise, and additional routine veterinary visits provide even more benefits for your pet—for as you might know, prevention is better than any treatment plan.
African wildcat - closest relative to a domestic cat

What are the closest relatives to domestic cats?

Most people know that pet cats are closely related to big cats, like lions and tigers. Most of us love this resemblance and view our pets as smaller versions of them. But how close cousins are they and do you know which animal is the closest wild relative to domestic cats?
an aggressive cat receiving drug injection

Words of caution for using medicine to treat cat aggression

Cat aggression is a serious issue. Not only because it can cause injuries to other cats, pets, or people, but because it isn’t always easy to solve. Relationships in a cat household are complicated and finding the right key to ensure peace is a long process which requires dedication. In many cases, aggression may be so severe that no significant progress can be achieved without using medication. But is sedating an aggressive cat a golden key to all your problems?
cat sitting

How to easily train a cat to sit

Training cats is not only fun and a thing to amaze, it also provides them with mental and physical activity–something that indoor cats cannot take for granted. In this article you will learn how to train a cat to sit on command, a trick that is easy to train a dog to do but which can be demanding for a cat. But it is possible, and the end result is satisfying.
Dog licking ice cream

How to stop your dog from eating poop

Coprophagia is the relatively common dog behavior of eating feces. Most often, they consume their own excrement, but they can also eat the poop of other dogs or eat cat feces right out of the litter box. Dogs may also eat cow excrement and the feces of other animals, and even of humans on rare occasions. So your dog only eats its own feces? We think you should be grateful! In this article, you are going to learn about some possible causes of dogs eating feces and ways to stop coprophagia in dogs.
A male cat mounting another cat

Why does your cat mount other cats

When a cat mounts another cat as a part of sexual intercourse, such as when a non-castrated male humps an intact female cat, it raises no question. But what if the reason is not so obvious? Sometimes castrated males hump females that are in heat, and quite often a male cat might mount other males. In rare cases, even a female cat might mount other cats, too.

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