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neutered cat spraying urine

Why neutered cats spray urine and how to make them stop

Did you neuter your male cat but he is still spraying urine around the house? Unfortunately, it happens from time to time: An owner neuters his cat with big expectations of him to stop urine marking, but even some time after the surgery, spraying is still there. Familiar?

Why does your cat yawn at you? Are you that boring?

Cats are not observed yawning that often; however, there are many individual cats that do this a lot. If your cat yawns at you, does this mean they find you boring?
A cat playing fetch

How to train a cat to play fetch

Can you train a cat to fetch? You definitely can, as proven by video after video on the internet where cats bring back toys on command as though they were dogs. Is it really that unusual? Many people believe so, though in reality retrieving objects comes rather naturally to cats.
Cat rapping Eminem song about its name, parody, funny

Does your cat know and recognize his name?

At first, the idea that cats recognize their names seems undeniable. After all, when you call them, they come or turn their heads toward you. But if you think about it for a second, you might not be so sure about what they actually respond to. Besides, you know scientists. They are never satisfied with “everyone knows that”!
deworm your cat regularly

Is it necessary to deworm an indoor cat?

How often do you need to worm your indoor cat? Do indoor cats get worms at all? There is a popular myth that indoor cats are never exposed to parasites and, therefore, there is no need to deworm them, but that is not true. Here is a list of the four most probable ways your indoor cat can get worms.
White foggy aquarium water tuned into clear water

Reasons for white cloudy water in aquariums and possible solutions

Is your aquarium water white and cloudy? Are you not sure whether this is something you should worry about? Most people without experience would probably freak out if they started a new tank, added a few fish, and bang—one morning they woke up and the aquarium water was all in a white fog.

Why do female dogs go in heat

Female dogs that are not spayed will eventually go into heat. And if you’ve never had an experience with an intact female dog, you might find yourself confused about what is happening to your dog. When a dog goes into heat, she licks herself more often, there is a red discharge from her private area, and her personality might seem a little off. You might become nervous along with your dog, and this may end up a nightmare. What is going on?
cat scracthing a carcass of wooden furniture

Why do cats scratch and what it means for your sofa

Why do cats scratch? At a first glance, this looks like a question, but we all know too well that it’s more a cry of despair. “Oh, why!? Why does my cat scratch? Why can't he be normal and not destroy my sofa, carpet, doors, table legs and other pieces of furniture – especially the new and expensive ones?!” In this article, let's delve deeper into the question of why cats need to scratch, what that means for cats living in a household environment, and whether there is any way to help your cat meet the need to scratch while simultaneously retaining the quality of your furniture.
Air bubbles in aquarium. Guppy and red fish.

Does you fish tank need an air pump for aeration?

Water aeration is among the most beautiful features of an aquarium, but it is rarely considered whether an aquarium needs an air pump or not. Does your fish tank really need those tiny air bubbles? Can you go without aeration, and can too much aeration do harm? Let's find out!
Welsh Springer Spaniel eating rapidly

How to prevent your dog from eating too fast

Not all dogs are fast eaters, but many are. You can tell your dog is, when he is impatient as you reach for the bag of kibbles, or when half of the food disappears as you finish filling the bowl. The situation is not at all unfamiliar to us. But, in fact, many dog owners will confirm that their dogs are not only quick eaters, but also act like they are starving, even if it isn't true.

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