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attnetive white cat lying on a stump

How to easily train a cat to lie down on a...

Training your cat to lie down isn’t hard if you know how to do it properly. True, it comes easier for dogs, but this does not mean training a cat must be difficult.
Orange tabby cat dreaming about sailing

What do cats dream about when they sleep?

Do cats dream? Most pet parents will swear that their cats definitely do. They have seen their pets' paws twitching while they sleep, so what else could it be if not a dream?
an orange tabby cat sleeping

How much sleep do cats need?

Even though some animals can go with extremely little sleep, all known species on the planet (including plants) need it. Among all pets, cats are known for being very sleepy. And indeed they are.
woman training her dog in a meadow

Five benefits to training your dog

If you own a dog, you naturally understand his basic needs for food, water, and medical care. Nowadays, training is widely accepted as another need for dogs that is almost as important as their basic needs.
A worried kitten sitting in a front of litter box

What if your cat has blood in its feces?

Have you noticed blood in your cat’s feces? It can take several forms, such as a spot of bright blood or patches of blood throughout the feces, bloody diarrhea, or dark, tarry feces.
Old cat sleeping on a stump

How old age affects your cat’s behavior

How old is an old cat? It’s a relative measure, but in general, most pet cats are considered seniors when they reach seven to nine years old. Since a well-cared-for house cat can live up to 20 years or more, a cat can spend more than half its lifetime in its golden years.
Cat showing his nine lives in two angled mirror

Why do cats have nine lives?

When you ask why cats have nine lives, it isn’t really a single question, but a series of them. Do cats indeed have nine lives? Why do people believe this? Why cats and not other animals? Why exactly nine lives?
Photo of Merida of Alexa

How our home got yet another eternal sunshine

Half a year ago, a veterinary clinic owned by a friend and colleague accommodated a medium-sized female dog, Alexa. Alexa was a mixed breed but remotely like a wire-haired dachshund. She arrived from a local shelter to be spayed—a normal procedure here before any dog is adopted.
cat giving a high five

How to train a cat to give you a high five

Most cats have five digits on their front paws, which means they already have what it takes to give you a high five. Even though cats are not that all easy to train, we are sure you can teach your cat to give you a paw in just a few days. Here’s how to do it.
cat listening to audio speakers

Can you use music therapy on dogs and cats?

Since the early recognition that sound can influence human moods and health, people have wondered whether music therapy can be effective on pets, in particular on dogs and cats. Let's find out.

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