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A dog howling

Why do dogs howl and how to stop a dog from...

It is disturbing when your dog howls all day and all night long. But is there something that can be done about this? In this article, you will learn why dogs howl and how to stop a dog from howling.
This is how to take a dog's body temperature

How to take your dog’s body temperature at home

When we feel ill, we take our body temperature to see if we are just tired, or is it something worse. But did you know you can also take a body temperature of your dog, as well? In this article, you will learn how to take your dog's temperature at home. You will also learn what the normal body temperature of dogs is.
sad cat - a sign of pain in cats

How to tell if your cat is in pain

Cats are experts at masking their pain. Of all domesticated animals, they have retained their natural origins the most. This is why, though protected by our civilized world, they have kept the slick skill of not showing their weakness—a thing crucial for survival in the wild, which causes continuous trouble for cat owners who wish only the best for their pets
cat wakes me up in the morning with this look

How to stop a cat from waking you up at night

It’s been a while now, but our cat used to wake us up at 4 a.m. every night. At the exact same time. Actually, we also did exactly the same thing every night – we gave her canned food. It was a lovely solution, because we could get back to sleep a few minutes later. But it kept happening each and every night – again, and again, and again ….
Checking cat heat cycle frequency in calendar

How often do cats go in heat?

As the heat cycle ends, most cat owners feel a magnificent relief. But is it gonna last for you? So, let's talk about how often do cats go in heat.
a cat knocking a phone off table

Why do cats knock things off tables?

Is your cat knocking things off the table? We know the frustration, a cat jumps on a table and pushes a crystal ashtray on the floor. YouTube is full with videos of cats knocking things off the table, and likely you have seen “live” version performed by your furry ball of cuteness.
Cat playfully bites a photo camera

How to stop your cat from biting when playing

Does your cay act aggressively and even bites you as you play with him? It’s common that kittens and young cats bite when playing, but if you do not stop the behavior early, it may continue into adulthood. At that time the cute little bites of a cute little kitten can become harsh and painful.
cat waiting for dinned according to his schedule

How often should you feed a cat

How often should you feed your cat? It’s a question first-time cat owners struggle with a lot, just as people who have finally decided to give scheduled feeding a try. We feed our cats three times a day, but that does not necessarily mean you should too. Above all, remember that feeding a cat is not a “paint by numbers” process.
this cat wants to eat all the time and is stealing a burger

What to do if your cat is always hungry

Does it appear that your cat wants to eat all the time? Does it seem he is hungry, no matter when you last fed him? In this article, we are going to discuss possible causes and, most important, solutions for addressing increased appetite in cats (also known as polyphagia).

8 ways to entertain a bored indoor cat

Do you have a bored cat in your house? Most indoor cats are bored, and that’s one of the most negative aspects of keeping your cat inside. However, indoors means safety, and we would surely love it if every cat was kept safe indoors and happy and active as well.

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