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Old ginger cat lying on the desk with on old book near spectacles

Seven tips for owners of older cats

Do you have an older cat in your household? Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, a 15+ year-old cat is no longer a rarity. That being said, cats can be considered seniors as early as seven years of age; in fact, wild cats rarely live that long. The result is that a cat may spend more than half of his lifetime as a senior, and there are a few things to keep in mind when you share a home with a senior cat
Cat showing his but to camera

Why does your cat stick his butt right in your face?

Do you hate it when your cat comes to you, sniffs your nose in greeting, then turns his back on you and sticks his butt right in your face? Is that impolite or what? Well, actually, it is extremely polite and shows the great respect and trust he has in you. Not all cat owners are lucky enough to get such appreciation.
fish tank

7 reasons to keep fish as pets in aquarium

Of course, we are aware that fish are completely unlike “traditional” pets in many different ways. But there are many benefits in keeping aquarium fish as pets. For many people, fish might be a better choice than a cat or a dog.

How many cat breeds are there

How many cat breeds do you know? The first that come to my mind are Persian, Siamese, British Shorthair, and Maine Coon, but this is where it usually stops, simply because there are not as many cat breeds as there are dog breeds. 

How lions and tigers are related to domestic cats

Cat owners usually feel pride when someone compares their pet to its larger counterparts, such as tigers, lions, or pumas. “Look at that little...
cat sitting in a small amazon cardboard box

Why do cats love boxes and tight places so much?

Not all cats like boxes. In fact, only two of our three cats like boxes; the third one is ecstatic about them! He would sit in a box of any size. In addition to large boxes, he also dives into the smallest boxes he can squeeze a few parts of his body into, or he may sit “inside” a box cover with sides only a couple inches tall. But what is about boxes that draws cats to them? Let’s find out.
Dog driving for a walk

Walking a female dog in heat

“Can I walk my dog when she is in heat?” is among the most common questions female dog owners ask during their dog's period. You CAN walk a dog when she is in heat and, for owners who do not have a yard, you MUST walk your dog. Though, it isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Jokes aside, here are some things to keep in mind when walking a dog in heat.
dog food maze

List of most common misleading claims by pet food manufacturers

When we choose food for our pets, we want to believe we are getting the best we can afford. Unfortunately, advertising and product design can easily distort our view. It is not always the case that the most popular pet food is also the best food, because being superb at marketing is not the same thing as being good at making food.
dog eating placebo pills

Why does placebo work on dogs and cats?

The placebo effect is usually viewed as a treatment of faith. If you believe the pill will help you, it will; the only condition is that you must believe it. In this light, it is plausible to dismiss the notion of placebo having an effect on animals, especially pets in veterinary medicine. In this article, you will learn how placebo affects animals, what else is hiding behind placebo’s therapeutic effects, and whether we can use the magic power of placebo to treat our pets—dogs, cats, and others.
cat stealing dog food

How to stop your cat from stealing dog food

Is your cat snatching kibbles out of your dog’s food bowl? You are not alone. Stealing is a common behavior problem reported by cat owners, and, if your dog happens to be a lazy “I don’t give a bark” guard, then nothing is there to stop your cat from grabbing some extra bites at the expense of your pooch.

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