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Female Dog In Heat Hanging With A Male Dog

How to calm a male dog when your female dog is...

When a household has both female and male dogs, things may go a bit wild, when the female is in heat. During a heat cycle, female dogs produce scent, attractive to males. As soon as male dog sensed it, he gets crazy. And likewise, if a female dog senses male nearby, she gets crazy as well. Unfortunately, there is almost only one real solution that works.
Dog calm and happy out of heat

How to Tell When The Heat in Dog is Over

Telling if the heat of your dog is over is very responsible task. It'd be stupid to stop being careful, too soon.

Hormonal Changes in Female Dog During the Heat

There are many hormones working together, impacting each other to make dogs come in to and go out of the heat. While, no one is required to understand complicated interactions between them, there are three significant hormones influencing heat cycle in dogs.
Dog in heat frequency

How often dogs go into heat?

How often dogs are coming in heat, is varying from dog to dog. In most cases, dogs will come in heat every four to nine months. That is, approximately three, two or a bit fewer times a year.
Do you know at what age do dogs go into heat for the first time?

At what age do dogs go into heat for the first...

When you get a new female dog puppy, you may be wondering, what is the age, she should fist come in heat. Maybe it's been about time already, but your dog has not come in heat, yet? Should you worry?
Fortune telling by daisy is not the best option to predict when your dog will come in heat.

How to Predict When Your Dog Will Come in Heat?

Predicting a time when the dog will come in heat is important for dog breeders. In most cases, female dogs are those who travel to a male, and, without predicting an approximate time of the next heat cycle, it's hard to make any arrangements.

Are First Days In Heat Safe For Dog?

It's a popular belief that female dogs are safe during first days of the heat. It's indeed hard to reorganize your life right the moment when you see the first drop of blood on the floor. However, don't let the calmness of your dog fool you.
Is you male dog acting crazy when female nearby is in heat?

Be Responsible Male Dog Owner When Neighbor’s Female is in Heat

Many of us believe that only female dog owners are responsible for sexual activities of dogs. However, the truth is, it's your dog and you are responsible if he runs away, demolishing the fence and biting off a cat on it's way.

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