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Why do female dogs go in heat

Female dogs that are not spayed will eventually go into heat. And if you’ve never had an experience with an intact female dog, you might find yourself confused about what is happening to your dog. When a dog goes into heat, she licks herself more often, there is a red discharge from her private area, and her personality might seem a little off. You might become nervous along with your dog, and this may end up a nightmare. What is going on?
cat scracthing a carcass of wooden furniture

Why do cats scratch and what it means for your sofa

Why do cats scratch? At a first glance, this looks like a question, but we all know too well that it’s more a cry of despair. “Oh, why!? Why does my cat scratch? Why can't he be normal and not destroy my sofa, carpet, doors, table legs and other pieces of furniture – especially the new and expensive ones?!” In this article, let's delve deeper into the question of why cats need to scratch, what that means for cats living in a household environment, and whether there is any way to help your cat meet the need to scratch while simultaneously retaining the quality of your furniture.
Air bubbles in aquarium. Guppy and red fish.

Does you fish tank need an air pump for aeration?

Water aeration is among the most beautiful features of an aquarium, but it is rarely considered whether an aquarium needs an air pump or not. Does your fish tank really need those tiny air bubbles? Can you go without aeration, and can too much aeration do harm? Let's find out!
Welsh Springer Spaniel eating rapidly

How to prevent your dog from eating too fast

Not all dogs are fast eaters, but many are. You can tell your dog is, when he is impatient as you reach for the bag of kibbles, or when half of the food disappears as you finish filling the bowl. The situation is not at all unfamiliar to us. But, in fact, many dog owners will confirm that their dogs are not only quick eaters, but also act like they are starving, even if it isn't true.
Aquarium filter pipe and a fish

How to choose the best filter for your aquarium

The cleanliness of aquarium water relies on a functioning water-filtration system. But there are so many of them, that it is easy to get confused. In this article, you will learn the basic concepts of maintaining clean water in your fish tank with the help of aquarium filters. We will explain the stages of filtration, and familiarize you with the most common aquarium filter types.
Aquarium thermometer temperature in fish aquarium

How to heat up and cool down an aquarium

Maintenance of a correct water temperature is a basic need for keeping a tropical aquarium. In most cases, all it requires is a good water heater, though occasionally quite the opposite, a cooling down, is required.
woman placing empty aquarium on the table with heater filter and thermometer

Stuff that you will need to maintain an aquarium

Keeping pet fish can be a rewarding hobby on many levels. But, to reap those rewards, there are some investments to make. Besides the fish tank itself, you will also need a filter, water heater, cleaning tools, and other equipment.
Aquarium placed on a table

Where to put an aquarium

Where to place your aquarium is likely to be a question for you, whether you are planning to get an aquarium, or already have one. Possibly you have a location in mind already and are wondering about its suitability. Here is a list of things to consider when choosing where to locate your aquarium.
Red fantail - an easy to care fish suitable for beginners

Beginners’ guide to choosing the best fish tank

Getting into a new hobby is exciting. If you are a beginner, there is a lot to learn and a lot to see, and there are tons of questions to ask. The most common question aquarium hobby starters have is what kind of fish tank should be their first one. The short answer is that you should choose one that is easy to set up and maintain. But which one is that? Let's find out.
dog sitting at the door and asking out

How to prevent a dog from asking in and out at...

Surely you recognize the situation — just when you begin to fall asleep, your dog asks to be let out. He whines, cries, barks and you give up. Later, when you are finally falling asleep again, he asks back in. It's horrible, but there is a way out of it.

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