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How to Make Spots Of Housesoiling Undesirable For Your Cat

If your cat had problems getting to a litter box for a while already, you've probably noticed he's, usually targeting the same spots, or at least the same room in your house. You have to make spots where housesoiling is occurring already, undesirable for your cat.
Desirbale cat toilet

How to Make the Cat Litter Box More Desirable

Have you ever thought if your litter box is desirable enough for your cat? If your cat had problems with house soiling, then it's likely you did. But it's not always necessary to have litter box issues to consider how can you improve and make this location more desirable in the eyes of your cat.
Agression is one of symptoms of stress in cats

Do you recognize these 9 signs of stress in cats?

How do you know your cat is in stress? It's not uncommon, when owners believe their cat is having a peaceful life, sleeping for most of the day, so there's no stress. However, symptoms of stress are not always that obvious, and, even small stress creates huge problems. This article will teach you to recognize most common signs of stress in cats.
Adult outdoor cat training to go to a litter box

How to Litter Train an Adult Outdoor Cat

In general, a pattern for litter training a kitten and an adult outdoor cat is similar, except that for kittens it takes lesser effort, and some parts may even be skipped, compared to adult cats who have already developed elimination behavior, and do not have a single reason, why they would want to change it.
Cat in Stress

Top Reasons for Stress in Cats and How to Relieve It

Stress is one of the most popular reasons for health and behavior problems in cats. The most effective solution in this case is getting rid of the source of the stress. This article will tell you what are most popular causes for stress in cats, and how to avoid them.

How to Create a Food Hunt for Your Indoor Cat

Creating a food hunt for your indoor cat (actually, I tried, and it works for outdoor cat as well) is one of the most effective ways to enrich his life. This article will show how to get the most fun out of it.
Two cats charing a cat tree friendly

Is Your Cat not Paying Attention to his new Cat Tree?

Did you bought a new cat tree lately, assembled it and placed at the best spot in your house, but suddenly, your cat is not paying ANY attention to it? Or maybe he is even afraid? What a waste of money... This article will help your cat to love his new furniture!

Where to Place a Cat Litter Box?

No matter, if you want to learn where to put a cat litter box due to new kitten arriving soon, or you suspect your older cat is house soiling because of incorrect location of the box, this article will teach you what cats are considering a good elimination spots themselves.
Clumping Cat Litter

Cat Litter, Litter Boxes and House Soiling Problems

Cat litter, litter box and problems related to them are number one issue for indoor cat owners. This ongoing series will answer most frequent questions related to cat litter.
Kitten a tage when to start litter training

When to Start Litter Training a Kitten?

Proper use of a litter box is one of the most important parts of indoor cat's lives. Inadequate training may lead to house soiling, which is number one reason for cats being left at animal shelter. It's a sad thing, if we know, litter training is actually very easy, but at what age should kitten start litter training?

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