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Clumping Cat Litter

Cat Litter, Litter Boxes and House Soiling Problems

Cat litter, litter box and problems related to them are number one issue for indoor cat owners. This ongoing series will answer most frequent questions related to cat litter.
Kitten a tage when to start litter training

When to Start Litter Training a Kitten?

Proper use of a litter box is one of the most important parts of indoor cat's lives. Inadequate training may lead to house soiling, which is number one reason for cats being left at animal shelter. It's a sad thing, if we know, litter training is actually very easy, but at what age should kitten start litter training?

How to Litter Train a Kitten

Training a kitten to use a litter box is an easy task. In most cases, special 'training' is actually not necessary if you provide an appropriate litter box, because cats naturally love burying their feces and urine. If it still does not help, and your kitten does not get the idea of using a litter box, small encouraging from your side might be necessary. How? Read below.

Switching to New Cat Litter is Easy

If you want to try a new cat litter, switching to it might be a tiny problem. Cats usually don't like things changing and some cat litter types might be uncomfortable for your cat. However, chances are high your cat will get used to it, if you introduce the new litter gradually.

Advantages and disadvantages of most common cat litter types

I have already tried some of the most popular cat litter types and can share advantages and disadvantages of them based my own experience.
Can a Spayed Dog Come in Heat Again?

Is Your Spayed Female Dog in Heat Again?

We remember a female dog owner coming to a veterinary clinic and asking why her dog is in heat, even though she was spayed some couple of months ago. However, tests confirmed, the dog was in heat again. How is that possible?
A Stopwatch! Could it Stop a Dog from Being in Heat?

How to Stop a Heat Cycle in Dogs?

Several people have asked me recently, if it is possible to stop a heat in dog. They were unpleasant with the whole situation when the dog must not be let alone in the yard, had to be guarded, and were restless most of the time. To answer short, Yes, there is a method to stop a heat cycle in dogs. However, ...
Male dog with a rose, not in heat

Do male dogs go into heat?

Have someone asked you, if your male dog has come in heat already? Or maybe your dog suddenly developed symptoms of being in heat, and you have begun to wonder: 'Do male dogs come in heat?'
Female Dog In Heat Hanging With A Male Dog

How to calm a male dog when your female dog is...

When a household has both female and male dogs, things may go a bit wild, when the female is in heat. During a heat cycle, female dogs produce scent, attractive to males. As soon as male dog sensed it, he gets crazy. And likewise, if a female dog senses male nearby, she gets crazy as well. Unfortunately, there is almost only one real solution that works.
Dog calm and happy out of heat

How to Tell When The Heat in Dog is Over

Telling if the heat of your dog is over is very responsible task. It'd be stupid to stop being careful, too soon.

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