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Cat relaxing into a carrier

How to Get a Cat into a Carrier Voluntarily

Getting an angry cat into a carrier is a hard task. Most cat owners will confirm it. But what about your cat going in it on his free will?
Is there queen and other litter mates present where you are going to get your kittens?

Where to Get a Good and Healthy Kitten?

In this article we are going to discuss several places where you could get a good and healthy kitten. Are shelters good places to go, are reputable breeders only ones who are able to guarantee that their kittens will be healthy? Or is bringing a kitten from the street a good choice? We'll find out.
Automatic cat litter box

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Automatic cat litter boxes are made to make our lives easier. There are several types of them, like most popular ones, self cleaning boxes with combs to scoop the wastes or flushing ones that use permanent litter, which is washable.
Have you thought it through before getting a cat?

6 Things to Ask Before Getting Your First Cat

Getting a cat is extremely serious decision. It's a living creature we're implementing in our lives, and both sides are affected. Here's a list of things to ask yourself, before getting sure whether you are ready, or not for your first cat.
Mouse sitting on a cat«'s head.

Do Cats Hunt Because of Hunger?

Cats are well known hunters. In the Medieval Europe they were associated with witch-crafting and were treated like evil animals. The only reason they were at least bit tolerated and 'accepted", was because, when it came to protecting granaries from rodents, like mice or rats, the domestic cat had no competition. But if they are that good hunters, does it mean they are extremely hungry?
Your First Cat has Arrived!

How to Care for Your First Cat?

We are starting new series on our site, which will look at most common things beginner cat owners, those who are getting their first cat, will need to know.

How to Make Spots Of Housesoiling Undesirable For Your Cat

If your cat had problems getting to a litter box for a while already, you've probably noticed he's, usually targeting the same spots, or at least the same room in your house. You have to make spots where housesoiling is occurring already, undesirable for your cat.
Desirbale cat toilet

How to Make the Cat Litter Box More Desirable

Have you ever thought if your litter box is desirable enough for your cat? If your cat had problems with house soiling, then it's likely you did. But it's not always necessary to have litter box issues to consider how can you improve and make this location more desirable in the eyes of your cat.
Agression is one of symptoms of stress in cats

Do you recognize these 9 signs of stress in cats?

How do you know your cat is in stress? It's not uncommon, when owners believe their cat is having a peaceful life, sleeping for most of the day, so there's no stress. However, symptoms of stress are not always that obvious, and, even small stress creates huge problems. This article will teach you to recognize most common signs of stress in cats.
Adult outdoor cat training to go to a litter box

How to Litter Train an Adult Outdoor Cat

In general, a pattern for litter training a kitten and an adult outdoor cat is similar, except that for kittens it takes lesser effort, and some parts may even be skipped, compared to adult cats who have already developed elimination behavior, and do not have a single reason, why they would want to change it.

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