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orange cat sleeping on a cat tree

How much sleep do cats need?

Even though some animals can go with extremely little sleep, all known species on the planet (including plants) need it. Among all pets, cats are known for being very sleepy. And indeed they are.
man gives dog a high five to calm her

How to calm down a female dog in heat

Many things require your attention when caring for a dog in heat. Reducing her restlessness is among the hardest. We remember when our dog was in heat for the first time. It was driving her crazy. She was whining and crying most of the time, and it was hard to calm her down.

What are behavior differences between male and female cats?

Getting a new cat is exciting, and deciding which cat to get is tough. Among the different cat breeds, different colors, and hair and tail lengths, there has always been a great debate about what sex of kitten to adopt.
cat aggressive behavior

Expected changes in cat behavior after spaying or neutering

Cat behavior can change dramatically after spaying or neutering surgery. There are plenty of reasons to spay or neuter your cat; an ability to avoid pregnancy and to control the population of unwanted pets are the most obvious one. At the same time, for house cat owners, maybe the most valuable are the changes in their pet's behavior.
Woman overfeeding a pet cat

The easy and healthy weight loss in cats

Weight loss, whether for overweight cats, dogs or humans, improves the health of the subject. That is certainly true, but in order to become a reality, your cat's weight loss must be carried out the right way. Even if it’s “just a cat!”
Cat tooth brushing. Cat playing with a tooth brush

6 ways to keep your cat’s teeth clean without brushing

The fact that cleaning your cat's teeth will improve his dental health is undeniable. The thing is, most cats won't accept the task easily. At least, without specific training. Is there a way to keep your cat's teeth clean without brushing? There is!
dog chews a treat

9 steps to stop your dog from chewing door frame

Can you stop a dog from chewing on a door frame, furniture, or other household items while you are away? If your dog does this, you are not alone! Destructive chewing is among the most common behavior problems in dogs across the world.
Dog digging hole in garden

How to stop your dog from digging holes in the garden

Digging holes in the garden is among the most commonly reported behavioral problems of dogs. It is also very disappointing to spend months on creating a beautiful flowerbed, just to discover a fresh hole in the middle of it. To make matters worse, dogs appear to have a natural willingness to dig on a freshly plowed soil. Made a new flowerbed or filled your dog’s yesterday’s pit? Expect to have some excavation in there.
cat litter box odor

How to get rid of cat litter box smell

Is it possible to get rid of the smell from a cat litter box without tucking it away in the basement? Cat litter box odor appears to be one of the most common reasons that people choose not to have a cat. We have three cats ourselves, and their litter box rarely smells. How do we do it? Here’s how!
scotish fold cat not eating food

Top reasons why your cat is not eating

Usually, when people tell us that their cat is not eating, they choose words such as 'picky' or 'spoiled.' Do you strive to provide the best for your cat, but he still says no? We too have been there, but as ungrateful as your cat appears, there is probably a logical explanation of why your cat may not be eating.

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