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Cat playing with little gerbil mouse on the table.

What to do if your cat ate rat poison

Rat poison or rodenticide toxicosis is an alarmingly common condition in veterinary medicine, especially at early spring when people declare war to vermin on...
Family moving to a new home with their cat

15 tips for moving house with a cat

Moving homes with a cat shouldn’t be hard, or, at least not something to stress about. Fortunately, if you consider in advance your cat’s needs during the move, you both will be fine. In this article, you will find advice to make changing houses with a cat as smooth and painless as possible.
aggressive cat hissing funny

9 tips for handling an aggressive cat

One of the best ways to handle an aggressive cat is to leave him alone and let calm down. But as you share your home with an aggressive cat, you will inevitably come to a point where an interaction must take place. Below you'll find several tips for owners of aggressive cats. You'll learn to handle your uncontrollable cat with safety and confidence.
Automatic cat feeder

How electronic cat feeders can improve your cat’s behavior

Electronic cat feeders are great devices that are serve food to your cat at preset times, scheduled by you. They have many benefits. The most famous benefit is the ability to “forget” about feeding your cat. Set it up and that’s all, besides filling it up and supervising its normal functioning.
Veterinary pills

How to pill a cat without restraint

The easiest way to pill a cat is to hold him tightly, open his mouth, insert the tablet, close his mouth, and rub his neck while you wait for him to swallow the pill. In theory. In this article, you are going to learn different ways to pill a cat easily without holding or ever touching him.
Man discovering cat pee in a shoe (or that his socks smell real bad).

Why does my cat pee on my bed, shoes and other...

Soiling a bed or slippers is usually associated with a conflict between the cat and the owner or some other stress, which may falsely suggest that it is an act of revenge. It isn’t.
Kitten looking at colorful flowers

Should you buy a color TV for your cat?

Cat owners who plan to buy a TV for their beloved pets might be interested in how cats view this world, more specifically, if they see color. In this article, you are going to learn that cats are quite capable of recognizing different colors. In one way, their color recognition is even superior to ours.
A cat eating raw diet - the best way to avoid litter box odor

Does your senior cat need a special diet?

Do you need to feed a specific diet to your senior cat? What do you think? Did your grandparents change their diet upon retirement? They might eat less to avoid some unhealthy foods, often because their doctor told them, but mainly, they do not shop at specialized senior grocery stores, nor do they buy meat or milk for oldies.
A cartoon cat feeling guilty about breaking a vase

Do cats feel guilty about what they do?

Let’s say, a sausage disappeared from your table and you suspect that your cat is to be blamed. You look him up, and, after “exchanging” a few words, you are convinced. The cat has that guilty look. And it isn’t the first time. But what if we told you that cats don’t feel guilt or shame?
Lazy cat not playing

11 tips to get a lazy cat to play

Playing with your cat provides numerous benefits. Unfortunately, not all cats are equally enthusiastic about playing. Some cats love to follow toys with their gaze but never jump on them. Some do play, but only on Tuesdays, while others do not really seem to care at all. In this article, you will learn how to get a lazy cat to play with toys.

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