Is Your Spayed Female Dog in Heat Again?

Can a Spayed Dog Come in Heat Again?We remember a female dog owner coming to a veterinary clinic and asking why her dog is in heat, even though she was spayed some couple of months ago.

The dog was not bleeding, but other symptoms of the heat, like restlessness and calling for male dogs, did occur. The owner was in disbelief, because the dog was fixed already.

However, tests confirmed, the dog was in heat again. How is that possible?

Spaying surgery, performed in low quality, may not prevent the dog from coming in heat

Later, repeated spaying was done, and we found out the ovaries were not entirely removed during the previous one. It was a serious mistake done by a veterinarian performing it, and, from one point of view, makes no use of having the dog fixed. The dog will not be able to get pregnant, however, will still develop some of the signs of being in heat, including an attraction to males.

In general, there are three possible causes for the spayed female dog showing heat signs:

  1. Spaying was incomplete. Maybe a part of the reproductive system was not removed completely. In some cases, it takes few cells to maintain the production of hormones, associated with the heat cycle.
  2. The signs observed are not the heat signs. Sometimes, symptoms of the dog being in heat may not be because of the heat, but due to other behavioral or medical issues. Consult your vet for further assistance. Especially, if the dog develops bleeding.
  3. It’s a miracle. If your spayed dog, the one that has no reproductive organs, comes in heat, and becomes pregnant, you should call Guinness book editors right away. Most likely, it’s one of the first two, though.

Remember, spaying surgery is not reversible. Once it’s completely done, it’s done, and the dog will not be able to get pregnant, or come in heat. Unless, you have experienced something described above.

This article is a part of a series about female dogs in heat.