How to Tell When The Heat in Dog is Over

Telling if the heat of your dog is over is very responsible task. It’d be stupid to stop being careful, too soon.

Restless nights, precautions during the walk and shooing male dogs from your yard is exhausting. If you slip at the end of the heat, and your dog gets pregnant, it is the same, as doing nothing, to protect your dog, at all.

Dog calm and happy out of heatYou must note, the only sure thing is vaginal cytology, a test made at the vet’s office. However, it is rarely necessary, as dog’s heat usually follows a regular pattern, and following signs, you will be able to tell when the heat of the dog is over.

Combination of signs tell when the dog is not in heat anymore

Besides vaginal cytology, there isn’t really one sign to look for telling, whether the heat cycle has ended or not. It’s no surprise, the most reliable method is observing symptoms. However, there are many signs telling the dog is in heat. Absence of one of them tells you nothing (e.g. swelling of the vulva and bloody discharge ends before the heat is over), but if all of them have disappeared, your dog is probably out of heat.

One of the most popular sign of female not being in heat, is a lack of interest in males, it is hard to tell, because this interest doesn’t drop suddenly, but ceases gradually, as the heat is coming to an end.

You may push or scratch your dog’s lower back. If she’s not “pushing back”, and is not flagging her tail to the side, chances are high your dog is not in heat anymore.

Check your dog’s behavior. Most females are restless and nervous during heat. This tends to cease as the heat ends.

Check the calendar. Most dogs are in heat for 21 days. Exceptions of course happen, and you should not consider, your dog will be out of heat, after 21 days have passed. However, if you noted when your dog showed first signs of the heat, you may consider, the heat is about to end somewhat around 21 days later. Keep observing other signs too.

Add some days of safety. After you think the heat is over, keep caution for several days. If you are mistaken about the heat being over, then this action will pay off. And also, if the heat is indeed over, couple of precaution days won’t do any harm either. They even not gonna be as hard as the last couple of weeks, because dogs are becoming much calmer, when the heat is over.

I’ve already mentioned this several times in this short article, however, it is important! Make sure to check all of the above. Don’t rely on one sign that your dog is out of the heat. It’s always a combination of many.

This article is a part of series about female dogs in heat.

Photo by mjk23.