How to know when your dog’s heat is finally over

It’s a risky business to know when your dog’s heat is finally over. Dogs stay in heat for 21 days, which is a rather long time to deal with restless nights, precautions during walks and shooing male dogs away from your yard.

old man sitting with a dog on a bench in park when her heat is finally over
When your dog’s heat is finally over, and you can take her to a public park. Photo by ljupco

If you decide that your dog has finished her season a day too early, this all work might be in vain, and you definitely do not want that. So, in this article, you will learn how to tell when your dog’s heat is over.

Note, while the only sure thing is vaginal cytology, a test done at a veterinary clinic, it is rarely necessary. A dog’s heat follows a specific pattern and, if you follow the signs, you will not get lost.

Absence of signs is the most convenient method to know when your dog’s heat is over

We mentioned earlier that not always dog’s show symptoms when in heat, but most commonly they do. The most convenient way to tell when your dog is out of the heat is to look for them. Or, to be more precise — the absence of them

However, remember that there is a set of signs telling the dog is in heat. Lack of one of them says you nothing (for example, swelling of the vulva and bloody discharge ends before the heat is over), but if all of them have disappeared, your dog is probably out of the heat.

One of the most popular signs of female not being in heat is a lack of interest in males, though it’s tricky. The interest doesn’t drop suddenly one day but ceases gradually.

You may push or scratch your dog’s lower back. If she’s not “pushing back”, and is not flagging her tail to the side, chances are high your dog is not in heat anymore.

Another thing is to observe your dog’s behavior. Most females are restless during the heat. This tends to cease as the heat ends. She may start sleeping better and wake you up less often.

You will also know to pay closer attention to all of this as the calendar marches on. Most dogs are in heat for 21 days. Exceptions, of course, happen, and you should not consider, your dog will be out of the heat after 21 days have passed. However, if you noted when your dog showed first signs of the heat, you may consider, the heat is about to end somewhat around 21 days later. Pay attention to changes in your dog as the date approaches.

Add some days of safety. After you think the heat is over, keep caution for a day or few. If you misjudge that your dog is out of the heat, it will pay off and won’t do any harm even if you judged correctly. These days will be much more comfortable than the previous few weeks, anyway.

This article is a part of a series about female dogs in heat.