How to Care for Your First Cat?

Your First Cat has Arrived!We are starting a new series about cat care for beginners. They are intended for people who have recently got their first cat, and do not know where to start, but may be of interest for experienced cat owners as well.

We have divided these series in smaller parts, and will be looking over stuff like what to do before your new cat arrives home and even before you choose your first cat, how to introduce your cat into your household, possible health issues you may encounter, most common behavior problems cats have, as well as solutions to them, and many more cat care questions for beginners.

Before getting your first cat
  1. 6 things to ask yourself before getting your first cat
  2. Where to look for a good kitten?
  3. How to tell a good and a bad cat breeder apart?
  4. How old kitten should you get?
  5. Should you get an adult cat or kitten?
  6. How to choose a healthy kitten?
  7. How to kitten-proof your home?
  8. Stuff your new cat will need
Cat arrives home
  1. Introducing a kitten to his new home
  2. Introducing a cat to a dog
  3. What if your new kitten is afraid of you?
  4. Indoor cat vs outdoor cat
How to care for your first cat’s health

  1. Worming a cat
  2. Tick and flea prevention in cats
  3. Vaccinations for cats
  4. Check behavior changes to monitor health of your cat
  5. Most common diseases found in cats

Training your first cat

  1. Is it possible to train cats?
  2. Tools for training a cat
  3. How to teach your first cat the rules of your house?
  4. How to teach tricks to your cat?
Most common cat behavior problems
  1. House soiling
  2. Urine spraying
  3. Scratching
  4. Vocalization

As you can see, we have tons of topics to cover, so, if you happen to be an owner of your first cat, you may want to stay in touch.