Do male dogs go into heat?

Have someone asked you, if your male dog has come in heat already? Or maybe your dog suddenly developed symptoms of being in heat, and you have begun to wonder: “Do male dogs go into heat?”

do male dogs go into heat?There’s no need to worry if your male dog has not come in heat, yet. Male’s don’t do that. However, if a male dog developed symptoms of being in heat (especially bleeding from “something that looks like vulva”), you should take him to a vet.

However, if the reason why you are reading this is becasue your dog is soooo attracted to female dogs right now, you can read this article about handling your male dog, while females around are in heat.

Male dogs do not go into heat!

We’ve heard: “Male dogs are in heat all the time,” a lot. On one hand, male dogs are responsive to females in heat most of the time. Studies show (exceptions do occur) adult male dogs are able to mate up to 5 times a day. Not many humans are capable of doing so.

On the other hand, we can’t say, male dogs are in heat. Their reproductive system work differently. They are ready to mate at all times, but do male dogs go into heat because of that? No, they don’t!

Heat in female dogs does not represent only states of “being in heat” and “not being in heat”. It is a set of four stages. Being in heat (a time when she is responsive), not being in heat, preparing to be in heat and resting from being in heat. Those four stages are not impacted by external factors, like presence of males, daylight hours or weather.

Male dogs, however, do not have those four cycles. Their ability to breed is affected by external initiation, in most cases, by sensing a scent of female dog in heat. However, while male dogs are able to mate most of the time, serious breeders would allow some time before breeding them again, and breed them only at times when their genital and overall health are in excellent condition.

This article is a part of series about dogs in heat.