Be Responsible Male Dog Owner When Neighbor’s Female is in Heat

This article is a part of ongoing series about dogs in heat.

Is you male dog acting crazy when female nearby is in heat?If a man sleeps with 100 women, he’s a hero. If a woman sleeps with 100 men, she’s a bitch.

This applies not only to humans, but on dogs as well. Many of us believe only female dog owners are responsible for sexual activities of their dogs. However, the truth is, it’s your dog and you are responsible if he runs away for a mating, demolishing the fence and biting off a cat on it’s way.

Be ready – female dogs in heat my be nearby all the time

Most females are in heat twice a year for almost a month. That means if you have six female dogs in your neighborhood, there is a chance that at least one of them will be in heat for most of the year.

So it means, whether you have to learn how to handle your male dog, or you can quarrel with all your neighbors, calling them bastards and their dogs bitches. I suggest handling and calming your dog. You might achieve it by some of advices below.

    • Castration or Neutering. It’s the most effective method to make your dog uninterested in females. However, it comes with some downsides of which the most important one is disability to have puppies. If it does not bother you, castaration would make your and your dog’s life easier.
    • Playing. It helps to drive your dogs thoughts away from female nearby. Also, it helps to have some fun. If a dog is happy at home, he would be less concerned about the world outside. But remember that even totally peaceful dog may become aggressive and unpredictable when female nearby is in heat. You should never leave your children play with your dog alone when your neighbor’s dog is in estrus.
    • Walking. It helps to satisfy your dog’s needs to communicate with outside the yard and to discharge the excess energy he has.
    • Training. This is also a form of activities to entertain your dog and draw his thought away from females. But also, a regular training will make your dog obey your commands. If he’s about to sneak away, call him back. If he’s acting crazy, command to sit or lay. It’s easier to calm a dog who is cooperating with you.

Before neighbours female dog is in heat, check if your fence can hold your dog!

  • Physical restriction. If your dog is constantly escaping, you can try to find out how he does that. Is the fence to small, is it broken? It’s not always possible to fix the issue (like building higher fence), and after one exit point is removed, your dog may find another one. However, if the fencing is obviously too small or broken somewhere, it must be fixed. A dog and a private property is a responsibility.

Remember sexual instincts are natural, and you can’t punish your dog for not being self possessed. It’s just who your dog is. And it is you who can, and must calm your dog when female nearby is in heat.
Photos by: scragz, ryk_neethling.