Articles Every Cat Owner Must Read!!!

This is a collection of our most important cat care, health and behavior articles that every cat owner should read in order to improve their cats life.

Environmental enrichment for indoor cats

Do You think only outdoors can be rich and stimulating environment for your cat?Is your cat having fun indoors? If you did not specifically rearranged your house before, in order to enrich your cat’s environment, most likely, he’s not.

In this article, we are going to instruct you how to make your cat’s surroundings more appealing, fun, stimulating and a closer match to the life outdoors. continue reading…

Should you have an indoor or an outdoor cat?

Indoor cat and an outdoor catHaving an indoor cat or an outdoor cat is the decision that will impact your cat’s life the most. In our other articles we talked about introducing you kitten to his new home, your dog, and overcoming the fright in your new kitten.

Now, we want to list advantages or disadvantages of having your pet, as an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. continue reading…

Why your cat should ditch the dry food

Cat eating raw foodLate in the previous year we decided to have a New Year’s resolution: to feed our cat a better quality food. Mainly, because we already ditched the dry food in the middle of the last year, which we think was the best thing that had happened to our cat… ever.

In case there are cat owners who’d like to join our resolution, here’s a list of all the benefits our cat saw after switching from dry kibble food to a raw diet. Since introducing raw meat in their cat’s food may be over the roof for many cat owners, it’s worth noting, most of benefits listed in this article will still be achieved if you switch to canned food. So, wanna give it a try – here’s what awaits your cat. continue reading…

Top reasons for stress in cats and how to relief it

Cat in StressStress is one of the most popular reasons for health and behavior problems in cats. In many cases the owner of a bad behaving cat may not even be aware that the stress is what’s causing the behavior.

Magically, by reducing your cat’s stress, you might be able to solve the behavior problems of your cat instantly.

This article will tell you what are the most popular causes for stress in cats, and how to avoid them, or at least relief the stress if the cause is unavoidable. continue reading…

Cat spaying or neutering – should you consider it?

Spaying of a female catSpaying or neutering a cat seems a very responsible step a pet owner can take. During latest decades, having this surgery done, has become to being an obvious thing to do in many locations.

But have you ever wondered aren’t there two sides of the story? Well, yes, there are.

In this article, we want to take a look at most of advantages and disadvantages of spaying or neutering our cats. continue reading…

Why it’s important to notice any behavior changes of your cat?

Do you know how your cat behaves in certain situations?Most cat owners do, and even up to a level when they are able to predict pet’s behavior in in advance. Most of us find it one of the most amazing parts in the communication with our cats.

But do you notice it when your cat behaves differently than in all the other similar circumstances, or just behaves odd? We’re not just talking about the big stuff, like cat lying behind the sofa, not coming out for the third day and smelling ugly. continue reading…

Top reasons for cats not using their litter box

This cat does not know what the litter box is!If a cat is not using its litter box, owners are usually worried about the mess it creates.

If you want to correct the elimination of your cat in inappropriate places, the best way to start is by identifying the reason why your cat is doing so.

No matter if you have a kitten that has never used a litter box or an older cat who does not use it anymore. There is always a reason. continue reading…

6 things to ask yourself before getting a cat

How do you know if you are ready for a cat?Getting  new furniture or changing a carpet is challenging, even though they are just non living things.

Getting a cat, however, is extremely serious decision. It’s a living creature we’re implementing in our lives, and both sides are affected. You can’t throw him out (even though many do) if it does not satisfy you and many cats may live up to several decades. Besides that, cat is going to change the way you live, that is, if you really intend to be the best owner your new cat could have.

So, here’s a list of things to ask yourself, before getting sure whether you are ready, or not for your first catcontinue reading…

How to use a clicker in cat training

When someone refers to a clicker training, we usually think of dogs. However, did you know cats are also responsive to clicker training?

In this article, we are going through the basics of clicker training in cats. What is i, why does it work and how should you go about clicker training your furry friend? continue reading…