Adult Cat or Kitten – Which is a Better Choice?

Adult can vs kittenHave you decided you want a cat in your life, but now are struggling whether should you get an adult cat or a kitten? In our previous article we discussed at what age should you bring a kitten home, that is, the earliest age of the kitten. You can still go for older kitten, or even an adult cat.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at advantages and disadvantages getting an adult cat over a kitten, and vice verse.

Kittens are more common choice, but adult cats still deserve appreciation

For most people, the choice is a kitten, no questions asked. It’s because most of us want to be in it right from the beginning, because kittens are cute, and maybe other reasons. But did you know, there are also some great advantages of having an adult cat? Here’s what we think of both sides.

  • Cuteness – there’s no need to convict you, kittens are way cuter than adults cats. They play, they lump, they are curious about everything. Being cute is the most popular reason why people choose kittens over adult cats. If they weren’t cute, most likely, adult cats would be much more common choice for everyone. Why? Keep reading.
  • Safety – last thing we would want to happen is some kind of accident. Cat tangled in cords, fallen from heights or eaten some household chemistry. While, both adults and kittens require safety precautions, kittens are more postponed to getting in trouble. It’s not that bad, though. It’s still possible to kitten proof the house, just, it takes more work. You can read more bout cat proofing your home here. Also, if you have children in age up to 5 or so years, kitten is much more vulnerable, as kids at that age do not understand when they are “hugging” too much.
  • Introductions – kittens are adapting, and are adapted much easier than adult cats. It relates to all new experiences, coming to a new home, meting a resident cat or other pet, forming friendly relationship to his new owners and even understanding the rules of the house. While, adult cats are still able to adapt new situations easily, with kittens, in most cases, it happens almost automatically. Of course, remember, if your house has a resident cat or a resident dog, there always are wrong and right ways to introduce new cat to them. But it’s true for adult cats, as well. Just that it should take much, much less effort from your side if you choose a kitten.
  • Time  – similarly, like caring for babies, kittens require a lot of attention, supervision, playing, mess cleaning, training and more. Are you up to it? Well, if all your family members work a full time job, then, probably adult cat is way better choice for you. Unless, of course, you are ready to devote most of your off work time to the kitten, which is, of course, possible, but you have to know it in advance.
  • Training – there are several edges of this. At first, kittens are trained much easier than adult cats. In example, litter training a kitten happens almost automatically, while adult cats require a ton of training. On the other hand, adult may have already been trained to do so, so there’s no need to train him at all, while a kitten will require learning a lot of stuff. And on the third hand, if you are getting an adult cat, there must be a reason why he’s available for rehoming. While, it may be just someone not being able to take care for the cat himself due to several reasons, it may also be a cat abandoned due to a behavior problem or a series of those.
  • What you see is what you get – kittens are still developing. If you are looking for an active cat, most kittens are but you may not be able to foresee his activity as an adult cat. It’s also true for other stuff, and not only personality related. Looks may also develop over time, and if a specific pattern is very important for you, adult cat would be a better choice. On the other hand… there always is an other hand, when it comes to personality, there’s a lot of possibilities for you to work on it. If you want your cat to be active, you can encourage him being so. And, again, it’s much easier to shape a cat’s personality while he’s growing, rather than breaking the personality adult cat already has.
  • Cost – in general, care for kittens cost more. There is a series of vaccinations and the food that kittens eat is slightly more expensive. However, we think the gap is not that large, and, tables may turn at any time, because we can not know when we will meet unexpected expenses, like a robbery by a veterinarian or similar.
  • Lifesaving – while, whether you save a cat depends on where you get him, it still is true that adult cats have way lower chances of being picked, than cute kittens. Of course, it shouldn’t be the main reason of getting an adult cat over a kitten, however, if your only reason for getting a kitten instead of an adult cat is cuteness, you might think of this aspect, too. Saving an adult cat can be cute, too.

We hope this article helped you to decide whether you should get an adult cat or a kitten. Remember, there’s no way to say that ones are better over the others, but it depends on your own preferences and resources available. Both sides have advantages over the other side.

Please read our next article about choosing a healthy cat. While, in most part it has a background of choosing a kitten from a breeder, it may also be applied to adult cats and cats taken at shelters, streets and other places.

This article is a part of series about getting your first cat.