6 ways to keep your cat’s teeth clean without brushing

The fact that cleaning your cat’s teeth will improve his dental health is undeniable. The thing is, most cats won’t accept the task easily. At least, without specific training. Is there a way to keep your cat’s teeth clean without brushing? There is!

Cat tooth brushing. Cat playing with a tooth brush

Here is a list of different cat teeth cleaning products. Note that they should not serve as an alternative to tooth cleaning. It’s only the next best thing.

  • No brushing dental cat gel
    While not as good as brushing, the dental gel is the next best thing.

    Dental gel for cats is a more comfortable alternative if brushing a cat’s teeth is a problem. Dental gels for cats contain enzymes that kill germs that cause tartar buildup, tooth decay, gum disease, and irritation. Most commonly, you have to apply the dental gel directly on your cat’s teeth daily, similar to tooth brushing. You can buy dental gel for cats here. Always read the instructions of a particular product before using it.

  • Dental treats and sticks for cats can be used regularly to help scrub plaque off your cat’s teeth. Studies show that they can reduce the risk of tartar buildup. However, if you choose to rely on treats, make sure your veterinarian checks your cat’s mouth regularly. Find dental treats for cats here.
  • Dental wipes can is also a way to clean your cat’s teeth. We are not sure if using these dental wipes technically counts as “not brushing”. You have to wrap the wipe around your finger and then move it as if it were a brush. This still requires some training and takes about the same amount of time as tooth brushing.
  • Dental cat chew toys help clean cat teeth.
    Dental cat chews help scrub off plaque and massages your cat’s gums.

    Chew toys for cats are similar to dental treats in that they are abrasive and can help scrub off plaque. They also massage gums as your cat chews them. Most dental cat toys are filled with catnip to encourage your cat to nibble on them; however, you can also sprinkle some store-bought catnip if your cat does not show any interest in the toy.

  • Drinking water additive works like the gel mentioned above, but instead of applying it directly on your cat’s teeth, you pour it into the drinking water. In our opinion, it’s convenient, but works less efficiently than the dental gel does, and you must check if your cat is still drinking the water afterward since he might dislike the new taste.
  • Dental cat food is food that has properties to assist with your cat’s dental health. Studies show that those foods indeed reduce tartar buildup, but they are not able to eliminate it. Talk to your veterinarian about the possibility of using dental cat food as an addition to other measures.

Did this overview of cat dental products give you some inspiration and make you feel less bad for not cleaning your cat’s teeth? Yes, there are some ways how you can keep your cat’s teeth clean without brushing; at the same time, you should be aware that brushing is by far the most effective method to maintain your pet’s dental health. This article is a part of a series about cat tooth cleaning.