6 Things to Ask Before Getting Your First Cat

Have you thought it through before getting a cat?How do you know if you are ready for a cat? Getting  new furniture or changing a carpet is challenging, even though they are just non living things.

Getting a cat, however, is extremely serious decision. It’s a living creature we’re implementing in our lives, and both sides are affected. You can’t throw him out (even though many do) if it does not satisfy you and many cats may live up to several decades. Besides that, cat is going to change the way you live, that is, if you really intend to be the best owner your new cat could have.

So, here’s a list of things to ask yourself, before getting sure whether you are ready, or not for your first cat.

  • Do i have enough money? It’s a shame to start such an emotional moment about introducing a new life in your life with the biggest evil in the material world – the money. However, it’s a necessity. While we might think cats do not require money, they do. Litter and food are  regular, ongoing expenses, which both are not cheap. Besides that, there are other, annual, monthly and similar regular expenses, like vaccinations, worming, tick and flea medicine, health care.
  • Do I have time to care for him? Despite the popular myths, cats are social animals, and they certainly do need an attention on a daily basis. If you are regularly away for more than a day, then maybe other pets are more appropriate for you. Cats need playing, litter box cleaning, brushing, teeth cleaning, nail trimming… did we miss something? We did. It’s time consuming, and if you are really thinking of getting a cat, then it’s going to change the way you live.
  • Who will care for him? Well, if your kids are begging you to get a cat, and promise to play with him, clean his litter box, groom him and go on a walk every day, don’t fall in a trap. You will be the one who will have to do it after all.
  • Am I ready to modify my house? Cats do not live like humans and most common apartments usually differ from those best suited for cats. Environment modifications MUST involve adding several perches above ground level, adding hideouts for your cat, installing scratching posts, scratching pads and cat trees. Besides that, there comes in a litter boxes (it’s recommended having two for one cat; three for two cats, and so on), food bowls, water bowls, toys, and the cat itself. Your house and your life WILL change, and the only question is, are you ready to accept it?
  • What’s the reason I need a cat for? There might be several reasons why people choose to get a cat. Like craving for a buddy, intending to start cat breeding, seeing a cute cat on television, or your kids are begging you to have one. To be honest, there might be no wrong or right reasons (other that getting a cat with an intention to abuse him). The most important part is, is this your only reason? Things can go terribly wrong, if the only reason you wanted a cat for, is not satisfied in the end. Like, you wanted to breed a cat, but it turns out he’s not appropriate, or you wanted a buddy, but the cat ends up hating you. The more reasons you have, the more likely you will be satisfied with your new pet.
  • Is there someone to look after him when I’m away? Most people love vacations, and it’s crucial to have someone to take care for your cat… voluntarily. Ideally, if someone is able to come over to your place twice daily, at least, and keep an eye on him. Taking him to a friend’s house or a pet hotel is also considerable, however, unfamiliar surroundings, combined with an owner gone, might not work as well as intended.

We hope we did not scare you from getting a cat. That was not our intention, however, we really do want you to think twice. Caring for cat is not as easy as it looks like, it really takes time, but it’s not the end of the world, though.

In our next article we are going to take a look at places where you could expect getting a good kitten.

This article is part of the series about cat care for beginners