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Cat roams in street away from home

How far from home do domestic cats roam?

If you have an outdoor cat, you likely have been recognizing him wandering all around the neighborhood, kicking asses of other cats on the way, raiding trough trash bins and signing love serenades to cat ladies on balconies. And, if you are at least tiny bit like most other humans, you've probably wondered how far your cat might have walked on his journey? Was it the fish shop over the corner or the central mall miles away? Let's find out how far do cats roam.
dog obedience training

Five benefits of training your dog

Dog training provides numerous benefits to both the dog and the owner. If you own a dog, you naturally understand his basic needs for food, water, and medical care. Nowadays, training is widely accepted as another need for dogs that is almost as important as their other needs.
cats self grooming, cat licking his paw

Why cats groom themselves and other cats

Cats are well recognized for their cleanliness, and there is no wonder - studies show cats spend about one third of their waking time grooming themselves, other cats, or even dogs. But did you know, grooming goes far beyond the hygienic purposes? In this article, we are going to explain you why cats groom themselves and other cats.
A cat is not drinking water from its bowl

What if your cat is not drinking enough water

Having a cat drinking too few, or even a cat not drinking water at all, is dangerous. It may lead to numerous health problems and/or death. But what if your cat is not drinking the water, even though it's right there, in the bowl in front of him? Here are some things to try.
A dog howling

Why do dogs howl and how to stop a dog from...

It is disturbing when your dog howls all day and all night long. But is there something that can be done about this? In this article, you will learn why dogs howl and how to stop a dog from howling.
This is how to take a dog's body temperature

How to take your dog’s body temperature at home

When we feel ill, we take our body temperature to see if we are just tired, or is it something worse. But did you know you can also take a body temperature of your dog, as well? In this article, you will learn how to take your dog's temperature at home. You will also learn what the normal body temperature of dogs is.
sad cat - a sign of pain in cats

How to tell if your cat is in pain

Cats are experts at masking their pain. Of all domesticated animals, they have retained their natural origins the most. This is why, though protected by our civilized world, they have kept the slick skill of not showing their weakness—a thing crucial for survival in the wild, which causes continuous trouble for cat owners who wish only the best for their pets
cat wakes me up in the morning with this look

How to stop a cat from waking you up at night

It’s been a while now, but our cat used to wake us up at 4 a.m. every night. At the exact same time. Actually, we also did exactly the same thing every night – we gave her canned food. It was a lovely solution, because we could get back to sleep a few minutes later. But it kept happening each and every night – again, and again, and again ….
Checking cat heat cycle frequency in calendar

How often do cats go in heat?

As the heat cycle ends, most cat owners feel a magnificent relief. But is it gonna last for you? So, let's talk about how often do cats go in heat.
a cat knocking a phone off table

Why do cats knock things off tables?

Is your cat knocking things off the table? We know the frustration, a cat jumps on a table and pushes a crystal ashtray on the floor. YouTube is full with videos of cats knocking things off the table, and likely you have seen “live” version performed by your furry ball of cuteness.

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