Reasons And Solutions to White Cloudy Aquarium Water

White CloudDoes you aquarium have white cloudy water? Do you have to worry is your aquarium water becomes cloudy? Most of us (I did) would probably freak out when they start their new tank, add some fish and bang – one morning you wake up and aquarium water all white. But there really is no reason to worry about that because this is not a big problem and can be solved easily. First let’s take a look at most common reasons why your aquarium water has become white cloudy.

Reasons for white cloudy water in aquarium

OK, there are two main reasons for white cloudy water in aquarium and no one of them is dangerous.

Most popular reason for white cloudy aquarium water is bacteria bloom. As you might know water makes good place for bacteria growth on aquarium filter media, gravel, decorations and other. They are very essential to cycling of aquarium water as they help to break waste product created by your fish and plants. Sometimes when something changes those bacteria can start to grow in extreme speeds and therefore make your water white cloudy. Reasons for this can be adding many new fish to aquarium, making unexpected changes in bio load for aquarium filters. Changing gravel or changing filter media can trigger extreme bacteria growth.

Second most popular reason for white cloudy aquarium water is insufficient cleaning of new gravel. New gravel is covered by dust which has to be cleaned before putting this gravel into aquarium and if you did not make it properly your water could get white cloudy.

Take a note that there is huge possibility of bacteria bloom after gravel change and don’t assume that water is white cloudy because of insufficient gravel cleaning. If water becomes normal colored after some hours it is most probably insufficient gravel cleaning. But if water stays cloudy for a day or maybe two or three – it is most probably bacteria bloom.

What to do if aquarium water has become white and cloudy?

If it is a bacteria bloom, then there is not anything that you have to do as water can become clear in two or three days. So just wait and see. Anyway, those bacteria consume oxygen a lot, so you can check oxygen level in your tank to see if your fish and plants get enough oxygen and provide some aeration if necessary.

If you think that problem could be insufficient gravel cleaning, you should probably remove this gravel and clean it before putting it in again. You may also leave it in and wait until white dust particles settle down and water becomes clear, however, water will become white cloudy every time you make a water change or rearrangement of gravel so it is better to clean gravel right away unless you want to experience white cloudy aquarium water time after time.
Photo by Horia Varlan.