Why do dogs howl and how to stop dog from howling

Dogs may howl at full moonIt is disturbing when your dog howls all day and all night long. We know it is. Is there something that you can do about it? Yes, there is. Let’s, first understand why your dog howls.

Dogs inherited their howling instinct from their old ancestors – wolves. However, while wolves are howling to unite their herd, and, in some cases,  to announce their presence to other wolves in a distance, dogs in our house howl for slightly different reasons

Of course, dogs may use howling as a form of communication to other dogs, but, in most cases they do it because of boredom. Sometimes a female dog may be howling during the heat, however, it’s still the cause of boredom, as, during the heat, female dog requires more attention, than in other times.

How to stop your dog from howling?

in most cases, howling is associated as a problem behavior form our dogs, because it bothers us, and, unfortunately, our neighbors as well. to stop, or at least cease howling in your dog, you may try one of the following:

  • Communication – when we are bored, best cure for it calling, or meeting someone. It’s similar for dogs. It include communication with owner, other dogs, or pets. Go for a longer walk, visit group dog training or even pay attention to your dog more frequently than in other cases, and you will soon realize, your dog howls less often.
  • Physical activity – if a dog gets to exercise he’s not gonna get bored. Try to play with your dog often, go on longer walks time after time and make sure that your dog does not have extra energy that is longing to escape by howling all night long. Besides that, it provides communication to you, or other dogs. Here you can read about fun activities to do with your dog.

Playing with toy may decrease dogs boredom and howling

  • Toys and chews – if you are away often and your dog feels lonely during this time, he may express his loneliness through howling. Leave him a toy or few, or a chew. good choice would be a food dispenser toy, that may bi filled with dog food, so your pet get a kibble time after time, while continuing playing. Bully sticks may also be helpful, as they are delicious, and last long enough to keep your dog busy for reasonable amount of time.
  • Sterilization – it is not directly related to howling, but sterilization can make dogs calmer which means that they may also stop howling. However, if you are not planning to use your dog for breeding, it is recommended to spay or neuter your dog, anyway. And, even if it does not guarantee your dog will stop howling, your odds are high, however, giving attention to your dog, may still be necessary.

From our experience, giving enough attention and activities to your dog, in most cases, is all it takes to to lower, or even stop completely dog’s necessity to howl.

Even if you are away for most of the day, having a quick walk in the morning, and a short jog before going to sleep, may reduce the dog’s necessity to howl, as well as many other behavior problems you may have. Besides that, your health will improve, too.

Photos by Memotions, Magic Madzik