How to Prevent Your Dog From Freezing

Dog in a cold weatherDo you know how to care for your dog in a cold weather when temperature falls much below the freezing point? Maybe you have a dog that lives outside all the time and you want to be sure if it is not too cold, or maybe you have an indoor short-haired dog and you are afraid taking him on a walk during coldest winter days?

Whichever case is yours there are some things you should do to take care for your dog in a cold weather.

Isn’t it too cold for a dog?

The most obvious thing that most dog owners try to prevent is the freezing of their dog in cold weather. It is logical. If we feel cold, then dog should too.

Freezing is mainly short-haired dog problem. They don’t have the natural protection from frost like long-haired ones do. But that does not mean that long-haired dogs do not freeze if the temperature is low.

So when it really is too cold? There is no one answer. It depends on the breed of your dog, amount of his activity and previous conditions. A dog that is used to sleep on a couch in a warm room all day long will freeze much faster.

To prevent you dog from freezing you might some of the following:

  • Don’t leave a short-haired indoor dog out for too long. If he is not used to chill, he should be let outside for short amounts of time. Dogs may be accustomed to cold weather, and if you increase his time spent outside slowly, you might end up with a dog quite resistant to the frost.
  • Let outdoor dog inside if it’s very cold. Let him inside and watch his reaction. Dogs that are not used to indoors might feel uncomfortable with it. Watch if it is not too hot for him. If your house has unheated vestibule, it should be the best for long-haired dog to hide from cold.
  • Insulate a kennel. Many of them come with insulation for roof and walls already installed. You might try to lay straw on the bedding to keep warmth of your dog. Some more expensive variations may come with heater installed. However, in my opinion it’s just a luxury for an owner as long haired dogs really don’t need it and short haired ones should be kept inside at cold weather anyway.

Activity keeps warmth of dog in cold weather

  • Keep your dog active. Play with him, run with him. Take your dog for a walk. When you let him outside, don’t let him sit in one spot. Physical activity increases warmth of your dog. However, don’t exhaust him totally and remember that he has to take a break for bathroom and sniffing.
  • Put some clothes on. Clothes are really not for dogs. But if a temperature is extremely low and your dog is shaking you might put a coat on if he’s shaking. Make sure the dog is okay with wearing clothes.

And how cold it is during winter at your place?

Photos by jpctalbot, Marco Bellucci.