How to Calm a Female Dog in Heat

Calm Dog In HeatIs it hard to calm down your female dog when she is in heat? We remember when our dog was in heat for the first time. It was driving her crazy, and even worse, it was driving crazy us, as well. We had to keep her inside for a reasonable amount of time, and, even if we let her out, we had to go with her. No matter the night or day.

You’ve probably been there, and maybe are right now. Can we hear some barking and whining in the background? It’s not like there  is a ton of things you can do to calm her, because it’s  the nature, and when it calls it is hard to resist. Or isn’t it?

  • Attention – there are several ways to provide an attention to your dog. This includes talking to your dog, walking, playing, brushing and other. Even sitting in a same room may work. Unfortunately, it may be necessary at night, as well. We have noticed it’s easier to calm our dog when we invite her to sleep in our bedroom, or one of us sleeps on a couch, closer to a place whee she sleeps. It’s a possibility to be near her, and talk or pet her if she gets nervous.
  • Exercises – exercises are good. They help you (and your dog) to stay in shape. But most important, they help her to rid the excess energy. Dog, who had enough activities, sleeps better. Exercises may include walking, running, throwing a ball, training and other. However, outdoor activities, like walking, calls for extra precautions when dog is in heat. Don’t let her run off leash, and if possible, drive her in your car to a distant area. Also, don’t get her too tired. If your dog is totally exhausted, she will beg to gout out for air, will drink more water and eventually will ask out again, to relieve. However, if your dog is exhausted, and does not want to exercise, don’t push.
  • Chews – not every owner is able to spend quality time with his dog to calm her when in heat. Some dog owners even have to go to work, can you imagine? This is where chews come in play. Choose one that is not eaten in one take, but may be chewed, chewed and chewed for as long as possible. Bully sticks (yes, the dried out bull penis) and others of a kind would be a good choice. They last long, are tasty (to dogs, not humans) and natural. Try other chews, as well, and check which are preferred by your dog, and which are keeping her busy longer. Please note, real bones, especially poultry are not good. Bone removal from the throat or stomach of the dog is not rarity, unfortunately. As well as lethal outcome of allowing the dog to play with bone.Calm dog in heat enjoying tasty bully stick
  • Toys – toys are another alternative to keep your dog busy and give her an opportunity to focus on something else, other than the heat. Good choices are squeaky and food dispenser toys, that may be stuffed, so the dog gets a small amount of food every now and then, if she keeps playing. To keep your female dog’s attention on toys longer, you may get more than one and take them away, when not needed.
  • Medicine – When most of the above is not working, you may try herbal or homeopathic medicine. Like “Rescue Remedy Pet”, “PetCalm” or similar. They are intended for comforting dogs in stress situations, like driving in a car, vet visit or holiday fireworks and should work for dogs in heat, as well. You may get them at pet stores, vet clinics and online. However, while vet visit is a single act, being in heat lasts a bit longer, and long term usage of these medications must be applied carefully. Make sure to read manufacturer’s instructions, and consult a vet if necessary.
  • Spaying – it is not a technique to calm your dog when she’s in heat, but a way to prevent her from cycling, at all. If you are not planning to use your dog for breeding, we recommend you considering spaying her. It shall save you both a plethora of trouble. However, spaying a dog while she’s in heat is not recommended and you should wait till it ends, before performing the surgery. Consult a vet if you have more questions.

Most likely, it gonna take more than one of the methods mentioned above to calm your dog during the heat. And regardless if you choose long walks, running, buying tons of toys for your dog or even medicine, we know the most powerful weapon when a dog is in heat is patience. Good Luck!

This post is a part of series about dogs in heat.

Photo by: Nina Matthews and Jelly Dude.

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