How often dogs go into heat?

How often dogs go in to heat? Do they work like a clock?How often do dogs go into heat, is varying from dog to dog. While there are some patterns true for most dogs, exceptions are not rare, and are not always considered abnormalities. It’s just how it goes.

Most dogs go into heat twice a year

Most common cycling frequency for female dogs is every six months or twice a year. Many dogs have this like a clock set up and are cycling at exactly predictable rate.

However, sometimes it may not go as smoothly:

Many dogs go into heat more frequently. Three times per year is quite a common occurrence and considered normal. And even more, many dogs go into heat even four times per year, while this is already considered not normal and, if you are intending to breed your dog, you may face some challenges.

In most cases, if the dog comes in heat so frequent, some of the cycles may be infertile. That is, all the symptoms of the heat did occur, but lining of the uterus was not able to become receptive to implantation in such a short time after previous heat.


Female dogs may have irregular cycles


Also, there are several more abnormalities, like split heat, when female dog starts cycling, but suddenly stops, and begins in several weeks again. There may also be a heat with unapparent symptoms, making owner believe, that dog has not come in heat, yet. In most cases, it is observed with younger dogs and smaller dog breeds.

While, there should be no worries having some irregularities in heat cycle, they may also point to health problems underlying. Consider mentioning it to a vet during next regular check up visit. Especially if your dog had regular cycles, and suddenly something happened differently.


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