All About Female Dogs In Heat

Female Dog In HeatIs your dog in heat? Or maybe she is about to go in heat, but you have no experience with female dogs?

Here is a list of articles about female dogs going (and sometimes not going) through estrous cycle.

All The Answers About Female Dogs in Heat

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  1. Susan Dorsey says:

    My female canine has always been regular in her heat cycles which is approx every 10 months. She has had what I consider normal heat cycles with the first week showing red blood, her vulva swelling to a much larger size and the entire cycles lasting approx 3-4 weeks. The first time we tried to breed her the progesterone didn’t rise to the desired count until day 19. We had three natural ties,but no puppies.

    Two cycles later and trying to breed again, and being very very careful to start progesterone testing asap, her numbers have been .4, .3, .3, .4, .2 and somewhat less that .2 (this last number on day 14) of her cycle. Her discharge color is now lighter to a med pink color. Should I continue to get her progesterone taken and anticipate that we may get a breeding?

    • Hello, Susan!

      Have you tested Luteinizing hormone (LH), as well? It usually peaks about one to two days before ovulation, however, by that time progesterone should be close to 1.5 to 2.0 and should now climb rapidly, reaching 5.0 ng/ml at about time of ovulation.

      Your dog’s current numbers indicate she either has not yet reached the standing heat or she may also have a failure in heat cycle. Normally, progesterone would be less than 2 ng/ml for a dog who is not in season.

      Since your dog took 19 days to reach desired level of progesterone before, it may be the case your dog’s progesterone will start to climb in the following days.

      Therefore, it may be okay to continue testing for the following days. Ovulation in some cases can happen as late as 27 days after the heat starts. If progesterone is still not climbing, you should check your dog for possible reproductive system problems.

      For now, let’s hope your dog will soon enter standing heat. Please let us know how this progresses. Thanks!

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