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How to put your dog on a diet

Obesity is a serious health risk for dogs. It is primarily caused by inactivity and too much food. Therefore, in order for your dog to lose weight, both must change. But can you do it properly, without making your dog feel hungry or … Continue here >

How to keep cats from eating house plants

This spring, we decided to grow lettuce and dill in our windowsill. What a good intention! We sowed the seeds with our kids' help, and we all were excited about the prospects. We were even more excited when the first green heads popped out of the … Continue here >

Do male cats go into heat?

How to calm a male cat during mating season Though male cats do not experience a 'heat cycle,' the question of how to calm "a male cat in heat" is one vets answer frequently. (In fact, this is actually a misuse of the term 'in heat' but fine enough … Continue here >