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Symptoms of worms in cats and what they mean

How do you know if your cat has worms? Do you look for worms in your cat’s stool and seek out other signs? Do you take stool samples to your veterinarian? Does it matter whether your cat has hookworms or roundworms? Is it possible to confuse signs of … Continue here >

How to stop your cat from drinking toilet water

Without any suspicion, you enter your bathroom, and OH MY GOD, what is that? Your cat is drinking toilet water! Yuck! Disgust arises as you try to remember if you flushed the last time. Drinking from the toilet is actually common among … Continue here >

How much water should your cat drink per day?

How much water should a cat drink? Regardless of the appropriate amount, your cat should have fresh drinking water available at all times. And if you suspect that your cat is drinking too little or too much? That is when it helps to know what … Continue here >

What to do if your dog is hungry all the time

Is your dog constantly hungry and wanting to eat even if you fed him a few minutes ago? Does it feel like there is no way to stop him from begging for and stealing food? In this article, you will learn about possible reasons why dogs have … Continue here >

Is your house safe enough for your kitten or adult cat?

You're excited for a new kitten arriving soon, but you must seriously re-evaluate your kitten's safety in your house. What was safe up till now may not be so anymore. In this article, you'll learn how to cat proof your home, starting with the … Continue here >